DNA mutagenesis for Stanford University

An illustration for Stanford University, showing their novel CRISPR technique, called CRISPR-X.

The goal is to introduce a scattering of random point mutations in a particular region of the DNA, not to directly edit the DNA directly as most CRISPR techniques do. They do this with a hyperavtive deaminase AID (which mutates DNA), and use the CRISPR complex to bring the AID close to the target region, ensuring that it only affects the desired DNA regions.

Read more about the CRISPR-X technique here.

Quantum Network Illustration for University of Stuttgart

An illustration for Prof. Stefanie Barz at the University of Stuttgart, for her research group in integrated quantum optics and quantum information.

The illustration shows a network combining classical and quantum computers, with distributed users and servers, as one of their research interests is to ease the integration of new quantum computing protocols within an existing framework.

Space Debris illustration

A detailed illustration of space debris around the Earth, which is visualising real orbital data of some 14,000 tracked objects, including satellites, rocket bodies, and small bits of junk.

Bacteria illustrations for Harvard University

We created a series of illustrations for Harvard University to accompany journal articles on their bacterial research.

These images show:

(left) A pile up of bacteria in different stages of growth and division.
(right) The growth of bacteria over time, as well as the straightening-out of an induced curvature in the young cells.

More info on their research at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

NovaSAR animation for SSTL

Our latest animation for Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, showing an animation of their NovaSAR satellite, capturing data over Adelaide, Australia. This was based upon previous illustration work we did of the satellite.

More details on the mission here.

DNA computation illustration for Microsoft Research

We created a series of illustrations for Microsoft Research showing their latest experiments in DNA computation, where they used short, custom built strands of DNA to build a functioning logic circuit out of DNA.

More info on this nanoscale DNA computational circuit.

FLEX satellite illustration for Airbus Defence & Space

We created a series of illustrations of FLEX (FLuorescence EXplorer), which is an ESA mission to monitor the global steady-state chlorophyll fluorescence in terrestrial vegetation. FLEX was selected for funding on 19 November 2015 and will be launched in 2022. Airbus Defence & Space are the prime contractor on this project and commissioned us to visualise their CAD data.

CRISPR Cas-9 Illustration

We created a piece of art for Science Photo Library, showing the molecular structure of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing complex. The CRISPR-Cas9 protein is used in genome engineering to cut DNA. It uses a guide RNA sequence to cut DNA at a very specific matching site. The Cas9 protein is shown in blue-white. The guide RNA is red, and the double-strand of the DNA is white-grey.

We used actual structural data obtained through x-ray crystallography to build accurate structures.