Below are some of our recent animation projects; click on the image to see the video.

UK Space Agency - Animated deconstruction of UKube-1 cubesat

UKube-1 is a UK designed and built cubesat (30x10x10 cm) made by Clyde Space. The on-board payloads are a variety of technology testbeds from collaborators in industry and academia. The animation, commissioned by the UK Space Agency, was designed to highlight the modular nature of the cubesat platform, and show the range of organisations contributing to this cubesat. We received CAD models, liased with the contributors, cleaned them up, added missing details, textured and animated them, and edited the final video with a sound track.

Windfall Films - Animation of molecular genetics showing epigenetic concepts

We produced a series of animations for Windfall Films on Epigenetics.
1) Genes in a section of DNA switch on and off;
2) Chemical markers adding to the DNA backbone;
3) DNA coiling around histones, further coiling into a compact superstructure, which is "scanned" representing the reading of the DNA. Deacetylation causes the structure to compact, making some DNA inaccessible, leading to non-expression of that gene;
4) Methyl groups attach to specific points on the DNA backbone, and this chemical marker prevents that section of the DNA being read;
5) Another scanning analogy, showing methylation of the histone/DNA structure, and subsequent read failures.

Satcom Systems & Solutions - Product range with mock military scenario

We created this story-telling video for Satcom Systems & Solutions to showcase their range of milspec satcom terminals, and show how they can be used in a mock military scenario. We blended stock footage, CAD models, motion graphics, and animation to create a comprehensive overview of what they do and the solutions their equipment addresses. We worked with them to create believeable scenarios where their products could be shown to aid decision making by ensuring that every asset was in broadband communication. This is part of a series of four animated videos, which focus on different aspects of their product range.

Windfall Films - Data visualisation of scanned and 3D reconstructed eggs for Easter Eggs Live

Windfall Films asked us to produce a series of visualisations for "Easter Eggs Live" from raw data of MRI and CT scans.
1) From MRI scans of a chick in its egg, we recreated and animated it in 3D to show it breaking through a membrane into the air pocket to take its first breath, and start pecking at the shell with its egg tooth.
2) From CT data of praying mantis eggs, we segmented the regions and produced this volume render, which fades to reveal the egg structure within.
3/4) These sequences use surface data (enormous OBJs up to 3GB in size), showing the transition from a caterpillar to butterfly with increasing internal complexity of internal organs and external structures.

Solar Orbiter

Astrium were looking to present their new Solar Orbiter project to an audience with a general interest in space exploration, and needed a way of bridging the knowledge gap between their cutting-edge scientific project and the layman's general understanding. They provided us with a rough storyboard and approximately ten minutes of narrative text. Following this, it was important for us to work closely with Astrium over the course of the next two months to produce a polished, slick product, while ensuring that the facts of the science were accurate and the visuals precise and stunning. The final product was six minutes of high definition animation, complete with voiceover.

Creating Life - The new field of synthetic biology

We were commissioned to produce a series of animations to help explore the abstract world of synthetic biology, allowing the concepts of designing and programming bacteria to perform a particular task, in this case creating a colour change when exposed to a parasite - brilliant for testing water sources in remote locations, with a clear visual result.
For information on the documentary itself, please contact Kelly Neaves.

IMechE - Inside a Nuclear Reactor

We've just completed a rush project for the IMechE to illustrate how a second generation nuclear reactor works. It's a pressurised water reactor (PWR). Not bad, considering the brief was "Show how a second generation nuclear reactor works, aimed at a Guardian reader".
Read the IMechE's guide to Nuclear Power here.

Bloodhound SSC - The Race!

The Bloodhound SSC team came back to us for a bigger, more ambitious project to mark the one-year mark in the public consciousness - a race between Bloodhound SSC and the donor of its jet engine, a Eurofighter Typhoon. At sea level, the Eurofighter's top speed is around Mach 1.2 - no match for Bloodhound! Turnaround on this project was approximately 2 months from the drawing board to final delivery, with extensive consultation with the driver going into the cockpit design, and trying to convey the overall experience of driving through the sound barrier (Wing Commander Andy Green is the only person in the world qualified to testify on this).