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Equinox Graphics turns your scientific research and cutting-edge engineering into striking visuals, tailor-made to communicate your products, services and research.

We create engaging and accurate science visualisations in HD, stereoscopic, and high resolution print. Our work has been used to promote, to secure investment, and to engage the public, for companies in the space, engineering and biological research sectors, as well as being featured in academic journals and popular science magazines.

We have a proven track record of communicating complex science concepts, drawing upon our academic knowledge, and developing custom tools for converting and displaying customer data in a more accessible form.

All of our artists have science and engineering PhDs that enable easy discussion of the specifications of your project, removing the jargon barrier that you may have experienced when working with traditional animators. We will take your concepts and present them in a visually engaging and attractive way – while retaining scientific accuracy, and respecting your data.

Please explore our site and view our showreels, scroll down to see what we've created recently, and browse our animation and illustration pages for case studies and examples of our work.

Our services include:

  • Illustration and animation services:
  •     HD animation and large format illustration
  •     CAD conversion and photoreal rendering
  •     Camera tracking and matchmoving
  •     Motion graphics
  •     Animation storyboarding

  • Rights-managed licensing of our print illustrations and animation clips

  • Poster sales and prints

  • 3D printing of engineering or science sculptures